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Play Pathfinder Project

The Play Pathfinder Project has now come to an end.  It was originally allocated £2.6 million by central government and has delivered 28 play area projects and 27 activity projects. Its legacy is still being felt across Cornwall where new Playbuilder play areas have transformed the lives of local children, their families and whole communities and are proving the value of play in the creation of sustainable, healthy human habitats:

“My daughter moved here this year because of the playground, everyone knows where their children are – they congregate here. This winter they were out here until 6 pm because the street lighting is good and they could all meet together. My grand daughter is 10, she is out here with friends playing instead of on the computer, which is so good because she is an only child. 

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The play area makes a real community. There is a youth centre just over there and the older children meet here too – there is so much for them to do now.” A local grandmother at Coombe Park in Kingsand/Cawsand.

All of the lead organisations for the Playbuilder play area projects involved local children and young people in making their play areas a success.  In St Mawes the local children wanted to play in the woods and have a shelter (see picture to the left): “Now we have children dragging mums, dads and grandads up to the woods to see”. Linda Pridmore of St Mawes Recreation Trust.

The flagship project of the Play Pathfinder programme was to create the first adventure playground in Cornwall. For an update on this project please see the Play Pathfinder Adventure Playground page.

To find out more about other Play Pathfinder sites see link to Playbuilder Projects

In total the Play Pathfinder Project brought over £2 million additional funding into Cornwall for play.

Please note: Cornwall Council manage a number of playground sites throughout the County.

The equipment is checked regularly to ensure it is all kept safe and up to standard. If you have any questions relating to your local site, or wish to report any problems please contact us using the contact details on this page.