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Pop up sites: FAQs

Please use the links below for information about some of the common questions about pop up sites.

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Could you please tell me the exact location of the pop up site that is being offered?

The online information sheet for each site details the location for the concession.  In some locations there is no specific area, for example on a beach, and therefore the tenderer will be allowed to roam across the beach. 

Is there a specific type of concession that the Council is looking for?

No, for the most part we are looking for innovative and interesting ideas which will enhance the area and the open tender process will allow the Council to assess all ideas for a site.

Please note that there are some pitches which will be restricted, for example to ice-cream sales only. The information sheets will inform you of any restrictions. Any such restriction is intended to ensure the pop up site fits strategically with existing businesses in the area.

Are the pitches pre-chosen by the Council or can we decide on a pitch and ask for it?

The pitches are pre-chosen by the Council and are on areas that Officers believe are viable for trading.  Please inform us if there are other locations that you may be interested in and if they are in Cornwall Council ownership they may be considered under a future phase.  

Were the local councillors, Town and Parish Council made aware of the tender?

Cornwall Councillors were made aware of the proposal at an All Member Briefing on 16 March 2016, this was followed up by individual letters being sent to Local Members and Town and Parish Councils before the tender went live.

Will existing businesses be given priority over new business?

This is a commercial tendering process so existing businesses will not be given preferential treatment over other businesses. The applications will be scored on cost and a number of quality criteria, which a long established business will be in a good position to score well on.

Could I ask the term of the licences please?

The pop up concessions are for one or three years from 5 April 2021.  The documentation details the length of the licence or Lease. 

When is the closing date?

Midday Wednesday 27th January 2021

Where do I send the completed tender to?

Tracey Rilett
Level 4G
Pydar House
Pydar Street

How does the tender process work?

The returned tenders will be opened by selected officers at the same time.  Each tender will be assessed and scored using the predetermined criteria. Once a decision has been agreed upon the winning tender will be informed.   Please follow the instruction in the Tender Pack when posting your tender.

How are the tenders scored?  

The tenders will be assessed on the following: 

  • Annual rent (40%)
  • Quality (60%)

The quality bid is split into the following sections with different marks awarded for each section:

  • Experience - 5 marks
  • Business Set Up - 15 marks
  • Sustainability - 20 marks
  • Promotion and Protection of the Environment - 20 marks 

Is it first come/first served?

No, as it is a tender process we will open all of them at the same time.

How much do they cost? As it is a tender situation, how do we know how much to tender?

It is a tender/bid led process, that is, it is up to the individual tenderers to submit a bid to the Council for what they wish to pay for the use at the site. This figure will be taken into consideration at the end of the tender period, along with the quality of the proposal being put forward.

How do I register a food hygiene business? What are the food hygiene laws?

The law requires either the registration or approval of all food businesses.

To store, prepare, distribute or sell food, you need to be registered as a food business with your local authority 28 days prior to opening. You can also download and complete the register a food business form and return it to us by post or email

Find out more information about selling food on our website.

What are the food hygiene laws or other business regulations that I will need to comply with?

To find out more information about business regulatory support, please visit our website or call our business regulatory support hub on 0300 1234 212 option 2 for our free advice.

Are there any other licences/ permissions I need before I can trade?

Generally no other permissions are required but we do advise that you look at the following webpages for extra information on Licences and Street Trading and Planning.

Would each person who works for the mobile business need to be listed as a licensee on the tender or can a director of a business be the sole licensee and have their employees work on the site?

Only the person responsible for paying the rent and complying with the terms of the Licence needs to actually sign the Licence, and therefore only that person needs to be listed as a licensee on the tender form.

A credit check will be done only on this person. Of course, all employees will need to be trained by the person who signs the Licence, to ensure that all requirements of the Licence agreement are met.

Do I need an application form sent to us or shall I print and email the online licence?

The application form can be printed from the pop up sites webpage.

What happens if someone operates without a licence or Lease?

The Council will not permit a commercial trader to operate from a Cornwall Council land without a licence.

The tender is only for one or three years, will the Council allow me to bid for a longer period of time?

The tender states whether it is for one or three years. If those sites let on one year licences are deemed successful, then a longer term concession will be retendered for the selected sites.

If I am considering multiple sites do I need to submit individual tenders for each sites?

Yes, to allow the tenders to be scored per site we do require you to submit a separate tender for each site you are interested in. Please specify in your application your preference of site if you are only requiring one site.

Can I sell alcohol from the site?

No alcohol cannot be sold from the site. 

Can I leave my equipment/trailer on site over night?

No, all items must be removed each night as stated in the terms and conditions.

How environmentally friendly should your business be?

The Council  encourages all tenders to consider their environmental impact.  A number of towns and villages are now plastic free and others are following suit; therefore you will need to ensure that you follow the Town code if they are plastic free.  The Council encourages you to use alternatives to single use plastic. 

How do I get assistance regarding the audit of our business?

If you need any further assistance from any of our officers following the initial audit then please contact our business regulatory support hub on 0300 1234 212 option 3 or and one of the hub team will be happy to discuss your query and advise of how we can help.