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Neighbourhood Planning regulations and legal requirements

There are certain legal requirements that Town and Parish Councils need to consider when developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan or Order that is set out in the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 and the amended Regulations 2015. Neighbourhood Development Plans must meet certain conditions to become legally compliant.

Cornwall Council has a statutory role in supporting Neighbourhood Planning. As part of the Neighbourhood Planning process, Town and Parish Councils must submit a letter and map to the Local Planning Authority to designate their Neighbourhood Area that their plan covers. The local Authority must consult local people on certain stages during the development of individual plans such the designation of the Neighbourhood Area and the submission of the draft plan proposal. The local Authority also has a responsibility to appoint an Independent Examiner for each individual plan and organise the Referendums.

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Please see the different options below for information on Neighbourhood Development Plan Proposals, Examinations and Referendums, Adopted Plans and the Neighbourhood Planning guide notes and templates.

You will find Information about the draft plan proposals that have been submitted to Cornwall Council and which plan proposals are currently going through the statutory consultation process. 


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Information about the Examination and Referendum stages of the Neighbourhood Planning process, and the Neighbourhood Areas that have been through the different stages. 

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You will find information about the Neighbourhood Development Plans that have been adopted in Cornwall.  

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To help you through the Neighbourhoood Planning process, guidance notes have been produced covering a range of topics and some templates. 

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