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Making a better application

Please be aware that there will be some delays in our response times which is unavoidable at the moment.  We are experiencing an increase in Covid-related staff absence and many of our staff are working hard to balance work and home schooling.  The Council is committed to supporting our staff to work flexibly to enable a balance to be reached which means our officers may be working different hours.   

Please bear with us at this difficult time.  We are mindful of the personal pressures that a third lockdown places on us all and we respectfully ask that you are considerate when communicating with our staff.

For more details on our revised processes, please see our FAQs Covid-19 impact on planning processes. Thank you for your understanding.

This page offers advice on putting a planning application together, what's needed to accompany an application, and a brief description of the registration process. The page also includes a downloadable validation list and links to submit your application online.

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Once you have established whether you need planning permission, the next stage is to complete the application form and submit this with the relevant plans and drawings. There are a number of different forms and it is important to use the correct one. 

You can view a list of the documents you need to include with your planning application using the links below:

Submit and pay for a planning application online

The service will also calculate the total fee payable for you automatically. Once you have completed the application, your forms and site location plan will be sent electronically to us.

However please see the Planning fees page for more information. If you would like more clarification on how our fees are calculated, please look at the Fees and Charges Supplementary Guidance.

Alternatively, you can download the relevant planning form and post your completed application with the correct fee to our planning offices. Please ensure that you have included the National and local required information which is listed above in the Validation Guide.

You should make sure that you're completing the correct form. Each type of application requires mandatory information and locally required information.

Each copy of the form must be signed and one of the certificates must also be signed.

If you require help with completing the form, we offer a validation checking service where, by appointment, one of our validation officers will go through your application with you and ensure the form is correctly filled out, along with any supporting information required.

You will need to submit: 

  1. A location plan, showing your property and the adjoining properties/roads, with a red line drawn around the application site. The scale must be 1:1250 or 1:2500 and show the direction north. All other land owned by the applicant and adjoining the application site must be edged in blue.
  2. A site plan of 1:500 or 1:200 showing the proposal in relation to site boundaries and other buildings within the site. The position of any windows should be shown if another building or structure is situated near to the proposed development.
  3. Elevation drawings - these drawings are usually 1:100 or 1:50 scale and should indicate exactly what you want to do and show all sides of the proposal. The drawings should also include details of the materials including the type, colour and make. This will help to reduce the number of conditions which may be applied to a decision. Where a proposed elevation joins another building an adequate part of the adjoining elevation(s) should be shown.
  4. Floor plans - if your application is for an extension you should submit drawings showing the existing and proposed floor plans for each storey of the building the scales are as for elevation drawings.
  5. Fee - there is usually a fee payable when you make an application. The amount depends on what you want to do. The fees are set by Central Government and are available on this web site, on the Planning Portal and on iApply. You can pay your fee on our website, by telephone on 0300 1234 151, via the Planning Portal or via iApply. Follow this link to pay online
  6. Planning statements and other supporting documents.
  7. Please do not submit original copies of documents, especially legal documents/deeds/historical information to support a planning application/request for pre-application advice, as they will only be retained electronically and not as a hard copy.  Usually a copy will be sufficient, but the case officer will contact you if sight of any original document is needed.

When we receive your application we will send you an acknowledgement letter within six working days. We will then check the information provided to ensure that it is accurate, complete and that the correct fee is paid. Delays can be caused if we need to contact you to clarify matters, provide extra information or if the plans are not accurate.

When all the information is complete we will register your application and send you or your agent a letter confirming this. Each application is given a planning reference number and this should be quoted on all correspondence. You will also be told the name of your case officer.

We will make the details of your application available on our web site.

Follow this link for more information about the process from submission to decision or a day in the life of a planning application.