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Article 4s

What is an Article 4?

The Local Planning Authority may have removed some of your permitted development rights by issuing an 'Article 4' direction. This will mean that you have to submit a planning application for work which normally does not need one. The Article 4 paperwork will specify what rights have been removed. This could include alterations to a property such as extensions, painting or new windows and doors or could include temporary buildings and structures or the use of land as a caravan site or for agricultural purposes.

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Further details on fees and charges can be found online by accessing the Planning fees.

Article 4 Interactive Map

Under search, put in the details of the property (name, address or postcode) and click ok. This initial search may bring up a number of addresses. Please choose the correct address and the map will take you to the correct area.

Any Article 4s will be shown as burgundy hatchings over the affected area. If you click on the hatchings a box will appear with more details including a link to the PDF version of the Article 4. There may be some instances where Article 4 areas overlap. On these occasions the box will state (1 of 2). To view details of the second Article 4 click on the arrow and it will take you to the next record.

Although the system is updated regularly, new Directions will not become available on the map automatically, therefore a new Article 4 may be in force, but not be viewable on the system.

Please be aware that we advise anyone using the system to take a dated screen shot as evidence of their check.