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Discharging planning conditions

How do I make a request to discharge a condition?

Use the ‘Application for approval of details reserved by condition’ form to discharge conditions.

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The appropriate fee must be included with your application.

A condition will not be formally discharged in writing without a fee. However, an officer may provide a verbal decision. The verbal decision will be recorded on the planning file for future reference.

The following condition applications are free:

  • Requests relating to advertisement consents
  • Requests relating to listed building consent
  • Requests relating to tree preservation orders

No, a fee is charged for each request. 

If you apply to discharge all the conditions at once, you will only be charged one fee.

If you send in details for each condition separately, these will be counted as separate applications.  You will have to pay separate fees.

Without formal approval, it may lead to formal enforcement action by the Council.  This could affect the future sales of the property.

Some conditions must be approved before commencement of development.

No, photographs, brochures or detailed product specifications should provide enough detail for assessment. If samples are required, your case officer will arrange an appointment to view.