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Notification and publicity of planning and related applications

The Planning Practice Guidance 2014 is the principal source of advice on how local planning authorities should fulfil the statutory requirement to publicise planning applications

Publicising planning applications - what you can expect

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In reaching a decision on planning applications we will always take into account material planning considerations raised by people who comment and/or may be affected by the development and judge them against the principles already set out in policy documents, together with other material considerations. 

However, it should be noted that planning applications will not be refused consent where objections are received and there is no sustainable planning reason why permission should be denied.

To ensure that neighbours and interested parties are notified on planning applications and given the opportunity to make valid planning representations, we have adopted the following publicity methods.

In accord with statutory requirements the Council advertises applications in the local press. The types of application advertised includes:

  • EIA applications accompanied by an Environmental Statement
  • Applications that are a Departure from the Development Plan
  • Applications affecting a public right of way
  • Applications for ‘major’ development (please note this includes all applications for the winning and working of minerals or the use of land for mineral-working deposits, and waste development)
  • Applications for Listed Building Consent
  • Applications for planning permission for works affecting a Listed Building or its setting
  • Applications for planning permission or development of land affecting the character or appearance of a Conservation Area
  • Prior Notifications for Telecommunications (but only if the works; affect a public right of way, are contrary to the development plan, or the site area exceeds 1 hectare)

A site notice will be displayed in at least one place on or near the land to which the application relates in all cases with the following exceptions:

  • Hedgerow removal notices
  • High hedge complaints
  • Prior notification applications
  • Certificates of lawfulness for proposed use or development
  • Householder developments (discretionary)
  • Section 211 Notices (trees in conservation areas)
  • Discharge of condition applications
  • Non-material amendment applications

This site notice allows 21 days in which to comment on the application.  

Comment on a planning application online

Any representation should be made to the relevant case officer within the given period in written form, either online using the link above, by letter or via email.

Anyone is entitled to comment on a planning application whether or not they receive a letter.

All residential properties with boundaries abutting an application site will be individually notified of the planning application in writing. 

The case officer may also decide to notify other properties at the time of the site visit where they consider the property might be materially affected in planning terms.

In all cases the notification will give 21 days from the letter date to give sufficient time for the recipient or household to make representation.

Neighbours are not notified of applications for advertisements, Listed Building consent or to carry out works to trees.

After the 21 days has elapsed, the Council is able to determine the application.  Although, we will continue to accept representations after the 21 days and up until the decision is made it is very important to meet any deadline or your comments may not be taken into account.

View the weekly list of applications online

We also provide weekly lists of all the applications received during the preceding week in the main offices and in the local press.

Our online public registers are accessed through the website and provide details of all applications submitted.  In most areas, online attachments will include the application form, accompanying plans/drawings, supporting documents and once a decision is made, the decision notice.  Please note that when viewing major applications, due to the large number of documents being loaded you may experience a delay prior to viewing. 

Users have the opportunity to submit representations concerning specific applications and can now register themselves to be notifed of any applications submitted within a pre-determined area, based on for example a parish or post code location.

A paper copy of the public register for a current major planning application, incorporating the application form, plans and supporting documents submitted will also be available for public viewing at the main planning offices relevant to the area in which the application has been submitted.

Please help us to help you by:

  • Making appointments if you wish to view a file 
  • Quote the application reference number and/or the site address when you contact us
  • Asking to speak to the officer dealing with the application when phoning