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Planning guidance for businesses

Business Support Services

We offer a number of paid for and free Planning and Building Control services that can help in starting up or growing your business. We offer information and advice to help you ensure you have the right premises to run a successful business.  We are located throughout Cornwall with teams of experienced planners and building control officers offering expertise and professional advice in all aspects of the built environment.

We can guide you through the planning and building regulations requirements to enable you to grow and develop through the improvement of your business premises.

Most works to the outside of a place of business will require planning consent. You can find more details on how to check if you will need planning on our 
Do I need planning consent and building regulations? webpages.

If you are a farmer, and you are allowed to carry out certain works without the need for planning permission, detailed information can be found in the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015.

If what you are proposing requires planning permission, you can seek pre-application advice

The building control consultancy, Esconsult, provides a wide range of professional consultancy services including a complete range of structural and new home warranties for both residential and commercial projects.  We also provide a number of training events throughout the year to local planning and building control agents to enable them to secure the permissions you need.

Whether you are looking to build new premises or convert or extend existing buildings, we can help you get it right first time, saving you money and time.

  • We held you to understand and apply the relevant legislation.
  • We understand the nature and challenges of our County.
  • We help you save time and money.
  • We provide convenient points of contact.
  • We have proven and up-to-date expertise in Planning and Building Control.
  • We provide a free signposting service.
  • We offer chargeable support and advice packages on a cost only basis (we do not make a profit from these services).

We have made a commitment to help businesses succeed.  We will provide you with specialist, tailored advice according to your business needs.

Working with the Better Business for All Partnership (BBFA), we will:

  • Help you go get it right first time.
  • Work with you to help your business be regulatory complaint.
  • Help reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens.

When we work with your business this means that we will:

  • Gain an understanding of your business and agree a solution that is best for you whilst protecting what is special about Cornwall.
  • Help you achieve Planning and Building Control compliance in the most cost-effective way.
  • Agree timescales, expectations and preferred methods of communication at the outset with you.
  • Explain our reasoning.

We are one of the biggest planning and building control services in the Country and have been recognised as a national leader in our field.  We have a policy to support the delivery of over 38,000 jobs and over 422,000sq m of employment floor space before 2030 and to improve our infrastructure.

We have produced clear and comprehensive fees and charges guide giving you the opportunity to purchase the services you need with complete clarity.