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Planning Performance Agreements

A Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) is a project management tool. The Local Planning Authority (LPA) and applicant can use this when handling particular applications to agree:

  • timescales
  • actions
  • resources
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PPAs can be used at any stage including:

  • the pre-application stage
  • the planning application stage
  • the post decision stage
  • any combination of these

In principle PPAs can be used for any application. While they are more effective on large scale, complex proposals, the Council offers a simple form of PPA agreement for smaller schemes. This is based on the key milestones that would need to be adhered to. We also promote the use of our pre-application advice service for all proposals.

Nationally, LPAs and applicants have identified a number of clear advantages for using PPAs, including:

  • identification of key issues and consultees at an early stage;
  • provides a guarantee of Council resources with realistic timescales
  • better overall management from pre-application through to post-application stages;
  • greater accountability, transparency and communication;
  • improved partnership working;
  • continuity and consistency from Local Planning Authority (LPA) officers; and 
  • bespoke advice from key consultees (e.g. building control, environment, highways etc.)

To find out more, you can view our Planning Performance Agreement Charter.

Please complete and submit the PPA notification form with all submissions subject to a Planning Performance Agreement. This is so that we can identify and process your documents urgently.

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