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Validation Updates

Increase in fees for discretionary planning products and services

Please note that discretionary fees increased on 1 January 2021.  Most fees increased by 4%. Some increased by more than that amount on a cost recovery basis. We propose to set prices at just below the average compared to other authorities.  Please see our Planning Fees page for more information.

Cornwall Council has declared a climate emergency.  We need to increase electronic working to support this.  There is now a charge for handling planning applications and associated documents submitted on paper.  This is on a cost-recovery basis. 

Paper planning applications should be submitted to:

Cornwall Council Planning, PO Box 676, Threemilestone, Truro TR1 9EQ

The charge per hard copy planning application will be:

  • £100 for major applications
  • £50 for General and Other applications

This charge will be in addition to any planning application fee.

This only applies to statutory application types.  You may wish to consider submitting online via the Planning Portal or emailing us direct at

To reduce the costs associated with administering planning applications we encourage quality submissions.  From 1 April 2021, there will be a charge. This is to recover the costs of handling invalid planning applications.

If customers fail to provide the missing information we will:

  • close the application; and
  • return the fee minus 10%.

Should the information be provided and the application remains invalid. The service will charge the below fees for more checks:

  • £60 inc VAT - Householder and other
  • £120 inc VAT - Minor
  • £250 inc VAT - Major

Applicants/agents could pay for the validation checking service.  This will ensure the correct information is submitted first time.

Class Qs need more information to be submitted at validation:

  • Completed form or a written description of the proposed development.  This must include any building or other operations.
  • A plan showing the site and proposed development
  • If Class M N O P PA or Q, a statement specifying the net increase in dwelling houses proposed
  • If Class Q, a statement which sets out:
    • the number of smaller dwelling houses proposed
    • the number of larger dwelling houses proposed
    • whether previous development has taken place under Class Q in the established agricultural unit. If so, the number of smaller and larger dwelling houses developed under Class Q.
  • If Class M N O PA or Q, a floor plan showing:
    • the dimensions and proposed use of each room
    • the position and dimensions of windows and walls
    • the elevations of the dwelling house
  • Contact details for the applicant/agent
  • A site-specific flood risk assessment in an area within:
    • Flood Zone 2 or Flood Zone 3 
    • Flood Zone 1 which has critical drainage problems
  • the correct fee.

Cornwall Council do not accept plans with the wording ‘do not scale’.  Please remove from any submitted plans.  We understand that this note is for construction etc. Please note it is a national requirement that plans are to scale.  Planning must be able to scale from the plans.

You could use 'do not scale for construction purposes'.  This will make it clear plans can be scaled from for planning purposes.

Please make sure that you pay the Planning Portal directly and not Cornwall Council. Without this payment the Planning Portal will not release your planning application to the Council.  Cornwall Council is unable to transfer payments onto the Planning Portal. The Council must refund the original payee which will delay your application.

The Planning Portal is a separate private company.  Should you have any queries please email

The Accredited Agents Scheme is available for householder developments across Cornwall.  Find out more about the scheme on our Accredited Agents webpage.