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Core Strategy Options Report

This document and associated evidence base are now archived.

This page contains information on the documentation that made up this stage and the evidence base available at the time, the consultation carried out and the responses received, and the progress this document made through Cornwall Council Committee structure.

The Core Strategy Options Paper focused on two main questions: ‘How Much?’ and ‘Where?’ whilst the Area Based Discussion Paper explained what these options could mean for each of Cornwall’s 19 Community Network Areas. All options have been tested through a sustainability appraisal in terms of the housing growth options: summary, detailed growth options and analysis of trends, and housing distribution Sustainability Appraisal plus a Habitats Regulation Assessment (including maps for the Cornwall Towns, Dispersed and Economy Led distribution options). Please note: the Options for Minerals, Energy and Waste were published for consultation alongside the Preferred Options with 'Our Preferred Approach for a Core Strategy'.

There was a consultation on the initial options for the Core Strategy which ran from Monday 7 February until Thursday 28 April 2011.

The Council prepared the following response reports on the comments received during this consultation period:

The ‘Core Strategy Options Report’ was discussed at the following Committees: