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Cornwall Monitoring Report

Please note - previously known as the Annual Monitoring Report

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There is a requirement for local authorities to publish an Authority Monitoring Report. This is set out in the Localism Act 2011 (Section 113).

The act requires local authorities to report on:

  • the implementation of their local development schemes and local development policies
  • the progress and effectiveness of the Local Plan
  • the extent to which Local Plan planning policies are being achieved

Local authorities must make Monitoring Reports available directly to the public. Reports are produced at least annually or when the information becomes available. They are published to improve accessibility, transparency and accountability.

The Cornwall Monitoring Report covers the period from 1 April to 31 March each year. It tracks the progress of the Development Plan Documents (DPDs) against the timetable. This timetable is set out in the Local Development Scheme (LDS). It also sets out performance against a series of indicators. These include a statement about the adequacy of housing supply.

Monitoring has a crucial role to play. This role is providing feedback within the process of delivering planning policy. It provides information on the performance of policy and impacts on the environment. The Monitoring Report can be used to:

  • identify the key challenges and opportunities facing Cornwall
  • enable appropriate policy adjustments and revisions to be made.

The planning system focuses on the delivery of sustainable development and sustainable communities. Within this context, monitoring takes on an added importance. It provides a check on whether those aims are being achieved.

Cornwall Housing Trajectory 2020

This sets out the progress made towards delivering the Local Plan Housing requirement.

Five Year Housing Land Supply Statement 2020

The results for the year ending 31 March 2020 are now available. This shows that Cornwall Council is able to demonstrate a 6.5 year supply of land for housing.

Supporting Documents

Progress against indicators listed in the Proposed Monitoring Framework of the Local Plan

The Cornwall Local Plan indicators report includes summary data and analysis. These are regarding the various indicators proposed in the Monitoring Framework of the Local Plan. This document is typically updated in December. 

Self Build Reports

The Cornwall Self-Build and Custom House building Register Report can be viewed via the Self and Custom Build page.

The Development Plan Preparation Progress Report

Please see the Development Plan Preparation Progress Report 2019-2020. This is an update of the progress made preparing documents proposed in the Local Development Scheme.

The Cornwall Safeguarding of Waste Sites Document 

You can view the Cornwall Safeguarding of Waste Sites Document. This document sets out existing waste managment facilities for safeguarding. This is required by Cornwall Local Plan Policy 19 (criterion 4): Strategic waste managment principles. 

Local Aggregates Assessment 

The 2017 Local Aggregates Assesment establishes the adequacy of the supply of aggregates in Cornwall. It is prepared in consultation with members of the South West Aggregates Working Party (SWAWP). This is in accordance with Goverment guidelines.

Town Centre Uses 2019

The Town Centre Uses survey provides an up to date profile of each main town centre in Cornwall.