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Evidence Base

This page sets out the evidence used in the creation of planning policy in Cornwall, including Topic Based Papers the main evidence base and the Directory of Referenced Evidence that sit behind planning policies.

A range of papers were prepared to help identify the key spatial planning issues that should be addressed in the Cornwall Local Plan. The purpose of these papers is to explain the development of policy to issues and options stage and to show the link between policy, the evidence base and previous consultation responses.

Versions of these papers can be found with the evidence base for the Preferred Approach and the Options Report.

The Cornwall Local Plan - Strategic Policies 2010- 2030 (2016) was adopted on the 22nd November 2016. The stages of the document and examination are set below, along with evidence and correspondence associated with the Examination process.

The Regulation 18 stage of the Allocations DPD was consulted on during October/November 2016. A number of supporting documents together with the document itself, can now be viewed in the Site Allocations Evidence Base.

The pre-submission stage (Regulation 19) of the Allocations DPD was consulted on during June to August 2017. The document was submitted to the Sectratary of State for examination on 31 October 2017. Supporting documents for both Regulation 19 and the examination can be viewed in the Allocations DPD Examination Library.      

Sitting beneath the topic based and other evidence based papers are a number of studies and reports that have been referred to. The ‘Directory of Referenced Evidence’ has been prepared to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for information on the evidence that has been used in planning policy. The following A-Z directory will provide you with the title, brief summary, which documents the piece of evidence has been used in, and a link to where the original document can be found.