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Bodmin Community Network Area

The Bodmin Community Network Area contains 7 parishes and a range of settlements. Bodmin town is the key settlement within this area, and acts as the local service centre to the smaller settlements surrounding it. Bodmin town also attracts workers from a wider area. Larger villages in the area include Lanivet and Blisland whereas smaller villages include Millpool and Withiel.

This page contains information on the Cornwall Local Plan Documentation relating to this area, the Place Based Plans, the current evidence base and the archived evidence base that sits behind the policy documents, and the progress documents relating to this area have made through Cornwall Council Committee structures.

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The Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies Proposed Submission Version section on Bodmin set out specific policies for the Bodmin area and were developed as a result of consultation with key stakeholders and the local community at the Preferred Approach and Options Report stages. The Local Plan examiner questioned the need for separate policies for each CNA and these have been deleted from the current version and more detail added about places to the General Policies.

The Bodmin Town Framework is a document that sets out the vision for the future sustainable growth, particularly economic growth, and regeneration of the urban area and immediate hinterland of the town. The consultation on the original Bodmin Town Framework ran from the 11th March to the 22nd April 2013 and a second consultation was undertaken from the 21st October to the 2nd December 2013.

Cornwall Council working in association with its funding partners appointed GVA Grimley Ltd and New Masterplanning as the lead consultants to prepare a masterplan for Bodmin. The process included a public consultation event into ‘Developing a Vision for Bodmin’ and a number of workshops where stakeholders have been able to discuss ideas and options for the Masterplan with consultants and officers.  The Bodmin Masterplan report: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 sets out two approaches to growth. Core Masterplan -  the market trends scenario and assumes that there is no significant new investment in infrastructure to support significant growth but sets out the key elements of delivering the vision through this process. It includes the Town Centre Strategy, Residential and Employment Strategy, Transport Strategy; and the Wider Masterplan - the longer term potential for growth that would require significant investment in transport infrastructure in order to meet the key elements of the Vision. It includes Growth scenarios and a Preferred Scenario.

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The Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies and Bodmin Masterplan documentation has been through the following Committees: