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Changing Places Toilets

Guidance on Providing Changing Places Toilets

Changing Places Toilets (CPTs)

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CPTs have extra space and features to meet the needs of people with multiple disabilities. They help users, their families and visitors to spend time out and about and access every day places. There are a growing number of CPTs in Cornwall provided by Cornwall Council, businesses and charities.

Building Regulation changes in July 2020 in Circular 02/2020 mean that Changing Places toilet facilities must be provided in:

  • newly built places that have a capacity of 350 or more (this also applies if they have a major refurbishment)
  • art galleries, cinemas, concert halls, conference centres, further education colleges, universities, hotels that include leisure facilities, libraries, motorway services, museums, places of worship and theatres
  • major shopping centres or retail parks, major sport or leisure buildings, stadiums, theme parks, zoos or exhibition centres with a capacity above 2,000 people.

More details when they will be needed are set out in Circular 02/2020.

Boosting Provision

Cornwall Council want more CPTs in Cornwall in addition to those now required by Building Regulations. This will help more residents and visitors access more places for longer. Our CPT Guidance provides advice on planning and installing a CPT.

Where permanent CPTs are not possible (for example on small sites or festivals), the Council encourages the hire of mobile CPTs. When a large number of CPT users are expected it may be appropriate to provide a mobile CPT in addition to any permanent facility.

Case Study: The Eden Project

As part of a range of access provisions, The Eden Project installed its CPT in its visitor centre in 2011. It is co-located with other toilets, close to the Coffee House and shop where visitors do not need a ticket. Vibrant decor has been used to create visual contrast and a welcoming feel. The facility is freely available (no RADAR key needed) and is used daily. It has been straightforward to clean and maintain. (Image courtesy of The Eden Project).


Case Study: Cornwall Services

Cornwall Services’ CPT is probably the most-used CPT in Cornwall. IT was converted from staff facilities. It has helped establish Cornwall Services as a destination in its own right for local families. It has also assisted those travelling through or visiting places in the immediate vicinity. It is free to use and located close to the other toilets. Cornwall Services Manager Alex Lawson explains how their CPT came about and the difference it has made:

“We decided to fit a CPT back in June 2016, after we were approached by one of our customers, Rachel George. Rachel's son, Adam, suffers from a rare neuromuscular disorder, which means he can’t sit unaided, stand or walk. Rachel asked if we would consider installing a CPT that would give Adam the freedom to meet friends at the Services. 

Once Rachel explained how difficult outings can be for families like her own, we wanted to find a solution as quickly as possible.  We settled on converting an existing staff toilet/shower. The CPT has all the vital equipment and was quick to install – it only took a day! Also the cost was not prohibitive and it is regularly used by a large number of customers with a wide range of needs. Adam can now meet up with his friends at the Services without the constant worry of not being able to go to the toilet. This means it’s life changing for him and for many others.

I hope other destinations in Cornwall see how quickly and easily we were able to do this and decide to follow suit.”