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Carrick - Supplementary Planning Documents - Guidance and Other Material Considerations

Supplementary Planning Documents/Guidance

In addition to the Carrick Local Plan, a number of other documents should also be considered as they supplement the policies and proposals of the Local Plan. These are:

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Supplementary Planning Document

Waste Recycling in New Development: SPD, Waste Sustainability appraisal, Annex B, Annex C, Adoption Statement, Responses. 2007

Supplementary Planning Guidance

Falmouth TA Centre (printed copies only - contact Planning) April 2001
Falmouth Conservation Area Appraisal Part 1, Falmouth CAA Part 2, Falmouth CAA Part 3, Falmouth CAA part 4, Falmouth CAA Part 5 and Falmouth CAA Part 6 October 1998
Shop Fronts, Signs and Blinds in Falmouth, Penryn and Truro Conservation Areas January 1997
Carnon Downs Design Guide

Please note: this is a large file size. A smaler version will be available soon.
Adopted by
Cornwall Council
October 2010

Carrick has also made available other guidance for material consideration, and these are:

Chacewater Conservation Character Area Appraisal: Chacewater CAA Part 1, Chacewater CAA Part 2, Chacewater CAA Part 3; Chacewater Management Plan Endorsed by Cornwall Council April 2010
Devoran Conservation Character Area Appraisal: Devoran CAA Part 1, Devoran CAA Part 2, Devoran CAA Part 3, Devoran CAA Part 4; Devoran Management Plan Endorsed by Cornwall Council April 2010
Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance for the former Devoran School: Planning Brief, Designations, Management Plan Map, Photographs, Town Appraisal Map, Illustrations, Phase Plan, Scheme 1, Scheme 2, Scheme 3.  
St Agnes Conservation Character Area Appraisal: St Agnes Appraisal Part 1, St Agnes Appraisal Part 2, St Agnes Appraisal Part 3, St Agnes Sustainability Appraisal, Non-Technical Sustainability Appraisal (St Agnes 2008), and St Agnes Consultation Statement. Draft to be revised
Truro Conservation Character Area Appraisal: Truro CAA Part 1, Truro CAA Part 2, Truro CAA Part 3, Surviving Historic Components Map, Historic Development Map, Conservation Area Evolution Map, Topography Map, Townscape Analysis Map; Truro Conservation Area Management Plan Endorsed by Cornwall Council April 2010
Penryn Conservation Area Appraisal: Penryn CAA Part 1, Penryn CAA Part 2; Penryn Conservation Area Management Plan: Penryn CAMP Part 1, Penryn CAMP Part 2 Endorsed by Cornwall Council April 2010




St Erme Village Design Statement Endorsed by Cornwall Council July 2014

Work on the Carrick Local Development Framework was underway prior to the inception of Cornwall Council, and the following document should be considered as a material consideration:

Other Material Considerations

Adopted Statement of Community Involvement: SCI, Adoption Statement, Inspector's Report.  

A key requirement of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 is the production of an annual monitoring report which sets out progress in moving towards implementing policies. The latest Carrick Local Plan Annual Monitoring Report available is for 2007-08.