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Planning News

This page will keep you up to date with all of the latest planning newsletters. 

The newsletters will be available quarterly in January, April, July and October. Planning news for local councils and agents will be combined into one newsletter from November 2019.  If you wish to view previous editions of the:

  • town and parish planning newsletter
  • planning agents newsletter

please contact the Customer Relations team at or 01872 323984.

If you would like to receive an alert of when the latest newsletters have been added, we can send you an email link to this page to keep you up to date. To do this, please contact the Positive Planning newsletter team using the contact details provided below.

Whilst you are here please feel free to browse all of our newsletters.

If you are having any problems accessing any of the newsletters, please contact the Positive Planning team at or 01872 323984.

The Local Authority Building Control news is relevant to everyone in the construction industry, it will include useful tips, practical technical information and industry news.

Planning News for Local Councils and Agents is published four times a year.  It contains a number of interesting and relevant articles for those who regularly submit planning applications and Local Councils.