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BBQ disposal

Beach and backyard BBQs: how to dispose of them safely

BBQ coals can stay hot long after you’ve finished cooking and can even reignite. Please follow our tips below - for your safety and for the safety of our waste workers.

After sizzling, remember to soak! Stick your BBQ and coals in water for 24 hours before putting it in the bin. If you don’t soak it first, your discarded BBQ could start a fire in your bin, in our refuse collection truck, or one at of our waste depots.

Before you light up your BBQ on the beach, think about how you will dispose of it safely. Is there a BBQ bin on this beach? If there isn’t a specially designated BBQ bin, place it carefully next to a litter bin. NEVER put it in the litter bin, as you could start a fire.

If there is no litter bin on the beach, please do not BBQ there. Chucking sand on a disposable BBQ and leaving it on the beach is littering and could cause serious injury to other beach users and to wildlife. Abandoned disposable BBQs don’t just cause burns, the jagged metal edges can cause serious cuts too.