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Hazardous waste

You must dispose of your hazardous waste safely. This includes things like household batteries, car oil, and paint containing harmful chemicals.

We do not collect hazardous waste as part of your household rubbish collection.

  • asbestos
  • pesticides
  • fluorescent tubes
  • oils
  • some paints
  • some household and car batteries 
  • discarded electrical equipment like TVs and computer monitors, fridges and freezers
  • discarded energy saving light bulbs (also known as CFLs)

Our household waste and recycling centres accept some types of hazardous waste. Please ring the SUEZ helpline on 01726 828230 for specific advice on what each sites can take.

If the household waste and recycling centres can’t take your hazardous waste, you may have to organise a collection by a specialist contractor.

Our household waste and recycling centres accept cement asbestos sheets as long as they are household waste and not business waste. See our charges at household waste recycling centres page for details.

Asbestos can become dangerous if it’s broken, so you should avoid breaking or cutting it and keep it wet to minimise dust. You should wear suitable protective clothing and respirators at all times.

Securely double wrap/bag the asbestos in strong plastic to transport it. There are separate skips for asbestos at the household waste and recycling centre.