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Holy Well

Mediæval 1066 to 1540

The numerous holy wells in Cornwall may be a reflection of a prehistoric, pagan, reverence towards water spirits and other natural forces. Many natural springs were provided with a well house or covering during the mediæval and later periods.

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The holy well is generally associated with a saint or hermit, and the water is believed to have healing properties They are still respected, protected and maintained by local people.

Examples to visit

Madron Chapel and Holy Well

Madron Chapel and Holy Well are located in a small marshy valley. The well is one of the most hallowed of Cornish well sites and has been a place of pilgrimage for many centuries.

Trethevey Chapel and Holywell

The holy well is a simple pyramidal structure of slate with a small square doorway. In its present form it is unlikely to be mediæval but must sit on the site of an ancient spring.