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Working with businesses and economic development

Cornwall Council set up the Cornwall Sustainability Awards in 2002, in conjunction with district councils, the Environment Agency, Cornwall Business School, and Groundwork. The awards are designed to encourage businesses of every size and description to adopt more sustainable practices.

Many winners and entrants have gone on to win national and international awards and have become excellent ambassadors for sustainable development, taking a prominent role in local affairs and generally inspiring others to follow their example.

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The result has been that success in one sector has inspired other companies to apply in subsequent years and the standard has become extremely high.

The awards have reflected well on those involved with setting them up, as follows:

  • The awards are used as a Best Practice Case Study by Brew (Business Resource Efficiency and Waste - working on behalf of defra) regarding how local government can develop ways of influencing business to adopt more sustainable practices.
  • In 2005, Cornwall College were presented with a national Beacon Award for Training, examiners particularly noted the work they had done to help develop the awards evaluation criteria working with local companies.

For more information on Cornwall Sustainability Awards, please visit the Cornwall Sustainability Awards Website