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The Cornwall Knotweed Forum

The Cornwall Knotweed Forum was formed in 1997 to co-ordinate policy on the control of Japanese knotweed in Cornwall. The Forum comprises representatives from a wide range of organisations including the Environment Agency, National Trust, Cornwall Council, Camborne School of Mines, Railtrack, English Nature, IMERYS and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

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To promote a co-ordinated approach to the control and management of Fallopia japonica (Japanese knotweed, donkey rhubarb) and its hybrids in Cornwall through partnership.

The Forum has produced a number of publications and guidance notes, organised conferences and co-ordinated research projects. It has developed a GIS (graphical information system) survey recording system in conjunction with the Botanical Society of the British Isles. The assistance of many town and parish councils in supplying information is gratefully acknowledged.

The Forum is interested in receiving details of any infestations of Japanese knotweed in Cornwall.  Use the online form below to report sightings of knotweed thought to be within Cornwall Council's control.

Report sightings of Japanese Knotweed in Cornwall

The Forum co-ordinates guidance on good practice which is being developed continuously in the light of new research.

Other counties are beginning to develop strategies for Japanese knotweed control and enquiries relating to areas outside of Cornwall should be addressed to the local council or Environment Agency (0845 9333111 - find out about call charges). 

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