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What we are doing about Japanese knotweed

Cornwall Council is a major partner of the Cornwall Knotweed Forum for Cornwall and is committed to preventing the spread of Japanese Knotweed. Responsibility for controlling Japanese Knotweed rests with the Landowner or occupier of the land. Where it is found on land within the Council's control the Council will take appropriate action to minimise the risk of spread and where appropriate endeavour to eradicate it in line with current good practice and the priorities set out by the Forum.

The Council is committed to controlling the spread of Japanese knotweed and commissioned CABI Europe to undertake a research project on behalf of national stakeholders. The project began in 2003, since then the project partners have committed over half a million pounds to researching and developing options for the natural control of Japanese knotweed. The project aims to establish whether natural control is a feasible method for the long-term, sustainable management of Japanese knotweed and its hybrids in the UK. Cornwall Council is responsible for the co-ordination of the project (on behalf of all partners). The project is entering the final stages of research and has identified two potential options, the Aphalara psyllid and a Leafspot fungus for the natural control of Japanese knotweed. Consent for experimental releases of the psyllid, Aphalara itadori was granted by Fera and Welsh Government in 2010. One of these release sites is in Cornwall. Monitoring is continuing.

There are currently no funds available to grant aid the control of Japanese Knotweed although its control may be funded through aid to some larger projects and grant schemes. Successful control will often be only possible where adjoining landowners co-operate and tackle the problem together. To this end Forum members intend to control the spread of knotweed on their land and co-operate with their neighbours where resources allow. Because of the resource implications, however priorities will have to be made.

Report sightings

You can report sightings of Japanese knotweed through the national Plant Tracker website. If you want to report Japanese knotweed growing on land controlled by Cornwall Council please use our on line form. Please see our reporting page for more information on reporting knotweed.

Co-operate with neighbours

Co-operate with affected neighbours to control or eradicate Japanese Knotweed on your land.

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