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Phytophthora - Action in the UK

Statutory action is being taken whenever the pathogens are found. Measures include destruction of affected plants, and tracing of related stocks. Research is being undertaken in Britain and the rest of Europe to investigate the biology, epidemiology and management of Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora kernoviae. The government has announced a £25m, 5 year funding package towards the control of these diseases which includes research and grants towards the eradication of infected plants and the eradication of Rhododendron ponticum in Cornwall and some other areas.

Grants in Cornwall include:

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Woodland Improvement Grants for the eradication of Rhododendron ponticum from woodlands. Further details from the Forestry Commission (01626 890666)

Special projects funding for the eradication of Rhododendron ponticum from land under existing Agri-environment schemes. For further details contact the local Natural England Office (01872 245045 /

Phytophthoraramorum and Phytophthora kernoviae are notifiable pathogens resulting in statutory action to prevent its introduction and spread. Please check the Defra or Forestry Commission websites for detailed symptoms.

If you are still concerned, you should contact your local Fera Plant Health and Seeds Inspector, the Forestry Commission (for trees) or the Plant Health HQ, York (for other plants).

Cornwall Phytophthora team :

Tel:      01872 275063

Fera Plant Health Head Office:

Tel:      01904 465625
Fax:     01904 465628

Forestry Commission HQ:

Tel:      0131 314 6414
Fax:     0131 314 6148

Forestry Commission Cornwall and Devon Office:

Tel:      01626 890666
Fax:     01626 891118