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Phytophthora - Buying plants and visiting gardens

Control of the disease in gardens is a slower process but the risk of spread from these sources is also lower. Gardens that are affected by the disease are working closely with Defra to put in place sensible measures to minimise the risk of spread. This may mean extra vigilance and plant hygiene and in a few cases restricting access to parts of the garden. Your enjoyment of a visit to any of Cornwall's Great Garden's should not be affected in any way by this disease. Gardeners are also adapting their practices to help manage the diseases and risk of spread.

However you are asked to follow any guidance issued at the garden and not to help yourself to unofficial 'free samples'!

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Nurseries, garden centres and garden sales outlets work closely with the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) who undertake regular inspections. The disease situation in the nursery trade is now well controlled with strict biosecurity in place.

Guidance on general biosecurity measures that you can take to reduce the risk of spreading diseases such as Phytophthora from site to site and also to your own garden can be found on the Fera website