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Useful Links and Publications

Free Trees - find information on organisations who supply trees as well as grants and funding.

A number of information notes have been produced on a range of topics. These are available to download in pdf format from the following links.

Ancient Tree Forum - UK organisation focused solely on ancient and other veteran trees and their conservation

Arboricultural Association Benefits of Trees - information provided by the Arboricultural Association, a professional body for the arboricultural sector

Cornwall Council Interactive Mapping - Cornwall Council's mapping system

Cornwall Council Presentations:

Cornwall Council Trees and Planning - Cornwall Council's planning advice and guidance for trees

Grow Nature Seed Fund - The Grow Nature Seed Fund, helping communities in Cornwall grow their environment

Pests and diseases - UK Government information about tree pests and diseases

Planning Enforcement - Cornwall Council's Planning Enforcement Service

So, you own a woodland? - Forestry Commission England document, getting to know your wood and looking after it

Tips for Growing Trees - Impartial advice from The Tree Advice Trust

Tree Charter - Charter for Trees, Woods and People

The Tree Council - UK's lead charity for trees, promoting their importance in a changing environment

Tree Council Grants - information about the Tree Council's planting grant scheme

Tree Identification - Natural History Museum Tree Identification Key

Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure: A Guide for Specifiers - The Trees and Design Group (TDAG) comprehensive, research-based decision-making tool on selecting appropriate species for a range of contrasting planting scenarios.

Woodland Trust Free Trees - Woodland Trust free trees for schools and communities