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Adult Commissioning and Transformation

We lead on strategic commissioning for Adults with eligible Social Care needs in Cornwall.

We work closely with partners across the NHS, private, voluntary and independent sector to coordinate and improve the Adult Social Care experience in Cornwall.

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This includes integrated community and Council services. We are also joint partners with NHS Kernow, taking forward the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Cornwall.

In-house provider services – we undertake needs assessment, specification development and awarding of services to in house providers followed by performance and quality management of in house service provision.

Strategic Commissioning – we support and enable the developing approach to strategic commissioning and improvement. We deliver a range of services including: needs assessment; procurement support; specification development, tendering activity and contract award processes as well as direct implementation and (where appropriate) supporting implementation. We also deliver contract management and performance management for external suppliers.

Strategic Market Development - we develop the market and lead on stakeholder consultation for the service.

Business Support and Administration - we provide business and administration services that relate to Commissioning activities and integration/transformation activities between the Council and other Adult Social Care partners. We act as key points of contact for external partners in relations to commissioned activity. We also provide finance and procurement support to the service.

Contract Management - as part of the Council's ongoing commitment to improving commercial practice across the organisation, we are currently implementing a significant Contract and Supplier Relationship Management Improvement Programme.

Contract Management Operating Model - The Council's new Contract Management Operating Model details our organisational approach to contract management.  It sets out a clear rationale for improved and contract management, expectations of contract managers and governance/reporting arrangements.

Commissioning social care involves a cycle of analysing what support is needed, planning the services including developing service specifications, implementing the services and facilitating the market, monitoring what’s working and what needs improving and then starting the cycle again. We work with people accessing services, carers, providers, health commissioners and others to make sure that the services we have in Cornwall are achieving the outcomes that really matter to people.

The diagram explains the Analyse, Plan, Do, Review process, as follows:

  • Analyse:  What have we got and what do we need?
  • Plan:  What should support look like?
  • Do:  What do we need to to do to put support in place?
  • Review:  Is the support meeting need?

Cornwall Council’s Commissioning approach is to reshape the way services are delivered, ensuring community based preventative services are supporting people to stay in their own homes for as long as possible.

This is set out in the following Framework which examines the community based care and support solutions and suitable housing provision for all adults with assessed eligible care needs in Cornwall.  This is supported by a detailed evidence base report. 

Please click on the services below to look at the Commissioning Intentions which are being reviewed to ensure they are in accordance with the Care Act 2014.  Other documents and information on each service can be viewed by clicking the sub headings on the left. 

It is advisable that if you are interested in working with Cornwall Council to deliver services that you are registered with these sites.

A summary of all workshops held will be shared in due course on the Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow websites.

Details of how to register for procurement opportunities with us can be found in the business and commercial services pages.