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Community Based Day Support Engagement

What are we doing

Cornwall Council is considering how people with eligible care will be supported during the day in the future. The council currently offers day time support through services commissioned from external providers. also through services operated by the council itself. The contract between the council and the external providers comes to an end in March 2021. The council wants to ensure that we have the right types of day time support in place after that.

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Cornwall Council is being supported by Healthwatch Cornwall who are helping us to understand the best ways to connect with as many people as possible.  To also ensure that they have an opportunity to take part.

We spent a lot of time during summer 2019 talking to people who use the current services and those who support them about what matters to them in services. Huge numbers of people completed surveys about the day opportunities that they access, and their hopes for the future. As a result we have built up a really clear picture of what day opportunities are needed in Cornwall, and how people want to be supported.

You can read the report, and the summary of this work by following the links below.

We wanted to use the information to pull together a vision for the future of day time support. It was really important to us that this vision was something that as many people as possible felt they had a hand in shaping and wanted to see it succeed. We therefore asked an independent facilitator in Stayathome Cornwall, to help us bring this vision together with the help of as many people as possible. Over the last few months the team from Stayathome Cornwall have been really active and run a huge number of workshops.

People who attended the workshops have come up with some really interesting ideas for how services might meet the needs of people who currently use daytime support. Or may in the future, use daytime support. We think that the ideas and challenges that people have come up with will help us get to the stage where we are able to offer daytime support that is appropriate .

Stayathome Cornwall are in the process of preparing a written summary of their findings. To be read alongside the report of our own engagement.

September 2020 - Updates coming soon

  • Early 2020 – We will shortly publish the set of models, and how to deliver them for current and potential providers. Understanding the providers level of interest to work with the new models of delivery will help us picture what day services will look like in Cornwall in the future.
  • March 2021 – Our current externally commissioned day services contracts come to an end. We will then be using the new co-produced models of day services.