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Strategic partners sought for Extra Care housing in Cornwall

Councillor Rob Rotchell talks about the importance of designing Extra Care packages for Cornwall

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Cornwall Council is seeking a strategic partner or partners to join us on a journey to meet the accommodation needs of people in Cornwall later in their lives. Our strategic partners will be able support the development, delivery and operation of Extra Care housing in Cornwall.

At the moment, too many people have to make a stark choice between struggling in a home which no longer meets their needs and moving to a traditional residential care or nursing home where they are less able to maintain their valued independence.

People have told us they want their own front door, but with care and services available when they need them. Evidence shows the “Extra Care” model can help meet this need through a choice of Extra Care homes: to buy, privately rent or rent through the social sector. This model has proven benefits in helping people avoid isolation and improve their health and wellbeing in their later years. This model has proven benefits in helping people avoid isolation and improve their health and wellbeing in their later years.

We want to work with a strategic partner or partners to deliver a minimum of an initial 750 units across all these tenures, as part of a broader ambition to deliver 3500 new Extra Care homes in Cornwall by 2025. As well as working with a strategic partner the Council will also  be exploring remodelling existing homes for older people, shaping the market to better meet people’s aspirations and delivering Extra Care Housing directly.

The Council wishes to procure a strategic partner(s) and award them to a contract for the design, funding, construction and operation of a minimum of 250 extra care units in each of West Cornwall, Mid Cornwall and East Cornwall totalling a minimum of 750 extra care units across Cornwall.

The strategic partner(s) will be responsible for providing care services in the extra care units and this will be delivered under a separate care contract. The strategic partner(s) will also be appointed to a framework agreement to provide one or more service (construction, care and housing support services) to the Council , other contracting authorities or private sector organisations across Cornwall in relation to extra-care housing schemes.

A summary of the opportunity is set out in the Memorandum of Information about the procurement which can be accessed by following the link below:

Brochure for the Procurement of Extra Care

Applicants are invited to express an interest in the project titled "Strategic partners for the development, delivery and operation of Extra-Care Housing in Cornwall" (ref: DN350137) on the Council's Due-North system -

The following links provide background information about the areas requiring Extra Care provision:

Extra Care Area Profiles