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Online event seeks solutions to loneliness

200 people join online event to talk about loneliness

Thank you to everyone that joined our live online conversation seeking solutions to loneliness - together we can help reduce loneliness in our communities.

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Cornwall Council invited people to join an online conversation on Thursday 3 May to find new ways we can come together to ease loneliness and help people feel more connected in their communities across Cornwall.

Loneliness and social isolation can have a devastating impact on our wellbeing and has been associated with poor physical and mental health. It could be as bad for older people as obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes a day and there is evidence linking loneliness to an increase in suicide rates and drug misuse.

It is clear that there is a real need for communities to unite and focus on more ways we can help people live happier, healthier lives across Cornwall.

To help gather or ‘crowdsource’ information, ideas and insights from people who want to help solve the challenges of loneliness, Cornwall Council partnered with Deloitte to host a live conversation.

As loneliness can affect people of all ages and living anywhere, we wanted to hear lots of different voices - from service providers to academics, business leaders, artists, community volunteers and more.

The event was open to anyone with ideas, experience and enthusiasm to share and could be accessed from any internet-enabled device including a tablet or smart mobile phone.

The conversation was moderated in real-time and facilitated by an independent digital research company called Remesh. It lasted approximately one hour (7:30-8:30pm) and all responses were anonymous.

Key questions asked included:

  • How can local communities best intervene early?
  • What local schemes are already making a difference?
  • What skills and resources are most needed in your area?
  • How could we join together to bring about positive change? 

It is hoped that answers to these questions will help us better understand the problems communities face in trying to address loneliness and isolation, as well as help identify exciting new projects to pilot and where future support could be most effectively placed.

All the Information collated will be analysed anonymously and shared to help all those involved improve social care throughout Cornwall. We look forward to sharing the summary report with you when it becomes available.

If you missed the event, had difficulty participating or really want to tell us about some ideas that you think could make a real difference to loneliness in your area, please contact Adult Social Care by emailing us at: We will send you a form with the questions posed during the event for you to complete and return. Responses sent to us by 24 May 2018 will be read and considered alongside the information from the live event.

To be kept updated on future events tackling loneliness or if you have any questions, please email: