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Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework


All Councils with Adult Social Care Responsibility (CASSRs) are required to make a number of regular data returns to government about the provision of adult social care services in their area.  Returns are made through the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) who collate and analyse the information and publish national data and statistics for use by:

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  • national government: to answer ministerial questions; inform policy development to drive through improvements
  • local government: to answer questions from the public; inform commissioning of services; examine, compare, and improve performance
  • research and academic organisations: to examine past performance and predict future trends
  • the public: for information; to hold local and national government to account

Data is also collated through the annual Adult Social Care Survey (ASCS) and the biennial Survey of Carers in England (SACE) which provide people’s views on the quality of the social care and support services they receive.

One of the main outputs from the data submitted by CASSRs, the results from the surveys, and data drawn from Health sources is a series of performance measures which comprise the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF).

Some of the measures are calculated centrally at the HSCIC and some are based on the survey data from councils. In addition, a key data source used to calculate many of the ASCOF measures is the Short & Long Term (SALT) collection.  2014-15 is the first year of the SALT collection, which replaced a number of other data returns in line with the HSCIC’s Equalities & Classifications (EQ-CL) Framework.

2014-15 ASCOF results for Cornwall that should have been sourced from the SALT return needed to be manually calculated due to changes in systems and processes during the year; results for these measures also do not take account of mental health data held by Health.  These manually calculated results were not ready in time to be included within the HSCIC published ASCOF for 2014-15, but we have agreed with the HSCIC to publish these results and associated caveats.

The majority of the ASCOF scores shown in the HSCIC’s report contain data for Cornwall, but for the SALT measures, the national and sub national averages do not include Cornwall.

The necessary changes have now been made to systems and processes to capture the data required, and detailed testing of the methods for extracting the data is ongoing to ensure we are on track to provide the Cornwall SALT data for the 2015-16 return in line with the HSCIC guidance.

Any queries on the Cornwall figures should be directed to