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Coproduction and Engagement

Co-production involves working with people with care and support needs, their families and carers, along with Service Providers, voluntary organisations, statutory services and other stakeholders, on an equal footing, to design, influence, develop, deliver, monitor and review services.

Co-production is a relationship where professionals and citizens share power to plan and deliver support together, recognising that both partners have vital contributions to make in order to improve quality of life for people and communities. New Economics Foundation and Nesta (2012).

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The development of Commissioned Services for Adult  Social Care, Health Care and Support by Cornwall Council and NHS KERNOW, and both organisations are committed to working coproductively with partners and stakeholders.

The Community Based Support and Housing Commissioning Framework has been and continues to be developed through engagement, consultation and partnership working with:

  • Adult Social Care operational teams;
  • Commercial, Finance and Legal representatives;
  • Strategic Housing and Planning;
  • People with health and social care and support needs, carers and family members;
  • Care and support Service Providers, relevant voluntary, user and other support organisations;
  • Cornwall Housing Ltd and other housing Service Providers; and
  • Local communities.

A range of engagement events and co-production sessions have been facilitated by Commissioners in Adult Social Care to actively incorporate stakeholder views and shape the service design for the future contracting of Supportive Lifestyle Services and the development of Supported Living Accommodation.

Adult Social Care have been working Co-Productively with a range of stakeholders in relation to Supported Living Accommodation to understand what individuals want from their accommodation (housing) and their support. This extensive engagement and consultation took place over a 4 month period between June and September 2017.

This included visiting existing Supported Living schemes to evaluate and gain insight into current provision as well as a sense of the future aspirations of the people who currently live at those properties. We also engaged with people using Supported Living Services and young people in transition that may well use the services in the future.  We attended special events like Blue Light Day and Royal Cornwall as well as meetings and discussions with operational teams and providers. We designed and produced a range of interactive and easy read materials to ensure this engagement was accessible and that we could meaningfully capture everybody’s views.

This information has been collated and has influenced the Supportive Lifestyles service specification, in order to form a quality and outcome focussed support service. The voices of the people who use the services, their carers/family members, advocates and other key stakeholders have been integral into shaping supportive lifestyles.

The following engagement sessions and feedback have taken place: