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Marketing Events

We lead on the strategic commissioning of Adult Social Care provision in Cornwall. We work closely with partners across the NHS, private, voluntary and independent sector to coordinate and improve the Adult Social Care experience in Cornwall, including integrating community led and Council led services.  We are also joint partners with the NHS taking forward the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Cornwall.

An initial event was held with providers to begin conversations to consider how we do things differently with regard to care and support in Cornwall. The aim of the session was to consider what works, the challenges and how we can do things differently to support positive outcomes. 

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Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow held a Market Update Supplier Event for Care at Home and Supported Living Services on 13 July 2017.

The successful event was held to discuss information about the Service Design Models for Cornwall and a timetable for tendering. The Event raised exciting discussions about the challenges we face, how we can do things differently and the way forward in Home Care and Supported Living in Cornwall.

The event included: 

  • Introduction with Jonathan Price – Adults Commissioning and Transforming
  • Partnership Working with Bernie Edwards General Manager NHS Kernow
  • Proud to Care with Val Smith and Liz Symons, Cornwall Council
  • Supported Living Services – Vicki Allan, Commissioning Manager, Cornwall Council
  • Home Care – Karen Hooper, Commissioning Manager, Cornwall Council

Proud to Care

Proud to Care are an organisation who look for people to become Care and Support workers.  Proud to Care came to the Market Event to discuss their new regional campaign and what it is designed to do.  View and download the Proud to Care Presentation.

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On the 1 November 2017 we gave an overview of this model to all interested providers, prior to full procurement at the end of November.

The event:

  • Demonstrated and describe our new approach
  • Provided information about Individual Service Funds and flexible contracts
  • Gave an opportunity to meet the Commissioners
  • Answered questions and,
  • Heard key note speakers discuss how this approach can enable providers to do things more efficiently and effectively.

Click on the links below to view the presentations: 

Commissioners recently held three Bidder Workshops across Cornwall setting out the proposed planned approach for a new Supportive Lifestyles Contract in Cornwall commencing in 2018 and the following information was presented.

The approach and terms set out in the presentation remain subject to change until the Tender documents are formally published.

The Tender documents will be advertised on the Due North procurement portal that can be found at and are planned for end December 2017.