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Guidance for referrers

This area is for Health and Adult Social Care professionals

How to make a referral

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  • Adult Social Care referrals should be made via Mosaic.
  • Health referrals should be made via secure NHS email
  • NHS referrers shoud use the Telecare Hospital Discharge Form

Technology Enabled Care is a flexible and cost-effective way to support people to live independently and to provide the reassurance of early intervention when things go wrong.

Lifeline helps and support 10,000 people across Cornwall who are: 

  • at increased risk of falling; 
  • at risk of admission / re-admission to hospital; 
  • returning home from hospital or intermediate care; 
  • in the early stages of dementia; 
  • require support, reassurance, and assistance to maintain their independence;
  • support for carers, family, and friends

If the referral is urgent i.e. the equipment will facilitate hospital discharge or prevent admission by enabling someone to live independently at home then we aim to provide the equipment package as an urgent referral, generally completed within three working days.  If the equipment is complex i.e requires calibration then we aim to provide the ackage within fifteen days,  Standard referrals should also be competed within fifteen days.

Self funding

Private rental option.  A client can enter a private arrangement with Lifeline for any item or combination of items offered by the service.  

ASC / Health six-week referral. 

Referrals for TEC can be made a via a referral through Mosaic or NHS secure email. This equipment is supplied by Lifeline on a six-week free to the user trial basis.  We recommend that basic Lifelines and Ownfones are most suitable for use during these trials.  After the initial six-week period the service user either returns the equipment or becomes a private Lifeline client.

If you have any questions, please call us on 01872 309 293 or email  The Lifeline management team are available by emailing