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Chris Higgins

Having started writing in her retirement, Chris writes books for teenagers and children with a range of popular titles including My Funny Family and The Secrets Club. Starting off with a two-book deal, she hasn’t looked back since her first title was published and has just released her 25th book.

Speaking about her journey to becoming an author, Chris explains, “I used to be an English teacher and have always enjoyed reading and writing. A number of years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and, with four daughters, felt very worried about what would happen to them. A few years after the cancer, I found myself thinking about this story of a 14-year old girl whose mum has breast cancer. I wanted to write the book from her point of view.”

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Though it wasn’t a career that Chris expected to have, becoming an author had a profound impact on her life. She explains, “It was wonderful. I could never have dreamt of it, really. It wasn’t really about the career itself – it was the fact that I was lucky enough to have found something that I enjoyed.”

Outside of the writing, Chris leads a very active lifestyle, with her family describing her as “being twice as busy now as she's ever been”. She begins most mornings with a paddleboard session off the coast of Newlyn Green, or a brisk walk to Mousehole for her favourite coffee.

Having recently discovered her love of paddleboarding, Chris is a keen advocate for the sport and believes that it’s something that almost anyone can try. “Paddleboarding is one of my favourite things ever. All you need is a board and the ability to be able to stand on the ground.  I think that it’s one of the best things ever for your physical and mental health. There’s nothing quite like being out on the ocean and completely in the moment.”

And while she acknowledges that she has been very lucky to have maintained her health and to have had the opportunities that she’s had, Chris also strongly believes that age doesn’t have to be a barrier for anything. “I don’t think that age should ever be an obstacle. If you think you can do something then give it a go. You don’t have to be the best at something, you just have to want to go and give something a try at your own level.

Just because one door might have closed, which they do, doesn’t mean another one won’t open for you. Just try and do what you can and remember that you’re never too old to learn something new."