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Julia Hague

Julia relocated to Cornwall in 2015 and has written a number of books, alongside running a fundraising company, GARBIT Events.

In 2016, Julie and her colleague Naomi Richards published Being Me and Loving It, a book designed to help children cope with the effects of bullying. Julie explains, “I believe I wrote it because I’d suffered at the hands of bullies until I was about 21. I wanted to be able to take that torturous time and help children get over a nasty patch in school and develop the tools to overcome any fears.”

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Speaking about her love of writing, Julia explains, “I absolutely adore writing. People motivate me to write. I am a great people watcher. Everything about gestures, the way people speak to each other. What makes them tick – everything. I love putting my characters into situations and watching how they get out of them.

“Writing has become an extension of me so, in fact, it doesn’t matter how old I become. It can be a very solitary occupation, but for me, it has made me realise how much you can affect others with something which, only minutes earlier, was a seed of thought in your head. This also has a positive impact on how you feel about yourself and your own self-esteem.”

Aside from writing, Julia uses her time to pursue a number of interests including sailing, interior design and walking her labradoodle. Despite some health concerns, she is a strong believer in staying active and continuing to do the things you love.

“It’s sad that often in our sixties we can start to ail and things creak and groan, but my outlook is understanding that it is a natural part of getting old. I think that working with your body and not cursing it for letting you down is important – I sympathise with my body, rather than berate it. Don’t lose sight of the fact that if you give in and stop doing things then you will focus on yourself rather than others. Find activities which you enjoy and which you are able to do and try them out.

Keep as mobile as you can possibly manage and get involved in something you are passionate about. If you’re not passionate about something then my advice would be to find something and throw yourself into it.”