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Yvonne and Charles Morgan

Yvonne and Charles have spent the last ten years as tour leaders for the Land Rover Owner adventure club, leading tour groups across the globe. Their enthusiasm for travel shows no signs of diminishing with adventures planned for as far ahead as 2021.

Charles explains. "In the year 2000, we bought a Land Rover Discovery, not knowing anything about off road driving. With the new car came a voucher for an off road training day and it all started from here.

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We booked off road weekends in Wales, Salisbury Plain and then the big one - two weeks overlanding in Morocco. What an adventure!

To cut a long story short, we have now taken tours to Morocco more than 30 times as well as to Croatia, the Pyrenees, Portugal, Tunisia and Iceland.

We have met amazing people, some of whom are now friends for life and we get many comments on how life changing our travels are.

All this fun and seeing the world. Not bad really, considering we will both be 70 this year!"