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Carol Englefield

Finding herself suffering from PTSD and isolated at home, Carol found motivation to lose weight after listening to a radio story. To this date, she’s lost over 8-stone and now exercises on a daily basis.

She explains, “My weight loss was inspired by Laurence Reed from BBC Radio Cornwall. I listened to him talk about how obesity was putting a strain on the NHS and how he was going to the gym and getting fitter. I decided if he could do it then so could I and now I am over 8-stone lighter.

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The impact of being active has given me more confidence and a reason to get up every morning. I have met new acquaintances and can hold a conversation with a perfect stranger. The social interaction has been great for my mental wellbeing.”

Carol has been blighted by health issues, having undergone treatment for Breast Cancer over the past 8-months and also suffering from Bilateral Tinnitus. Thanks to her own determination and the help and support of others around her, today she finds herself in a much better place than she was a year ago.

“I spent a year confined to my house, frightened to go out. I didn’t have a positive thought in my head. I was referred to a hearing therapist at Treliske who helped me to control the Tinnitus and encouraged me to take up hobbies.

I have been lucky because, through the help and inspiration of others, I will now have a positive outlook for the rest of my life. I have experienced the negative side of life and I can tell you positive is best. My advice to others would be to get involved in as many activities as you can, and balance out group activities and the ones that you can do on your own.

Don’t be frightened to fail – it doesn’t matter – just pick yourself up and try again!”