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Early Support

Early Support is a service which helps disabled children and young people.

Early Support is part of the Disabled Children and Therapy Service.

Young people, parents, carers or professionals can request Early Support Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings.

They can also request support through Supporting Change in Partnership (SCIP).

You can ask about Early Support by contacting the Early Help Hub on 01872 322277.

We bring together families and professionals to plan support for young people. We work to improve the way that services work with disabled children and young people. We ensure that children, young people and their families are at the centre of the services.

We work with children and young people aged 0 to 18 years who have an additional need or disability. 

The Team Around the Child (TAC) Meeting

A Team Around the Child (TAC) Meeting brings together professionals and families.

At the meeting a lead professional will write an Early Support Plan.

The plan will look at the priorities of the child and their parents or carers.

The TAC meeting is chaired by a Lead Professional who is chosen by the child and their family.

The Lead Professional acts as a ‘Key Worker’ for the family.

Supporting Change in Partnership (SCIP)

Supporting Change In Partnership (SCIP) is a sixteen week intervention.

It is for families who need practical support with their disabled child.

SCIP aims to prevent the need for a Social Work Assessment.

SCIP works on the things that families say are difficult for them.

SCIP aims to respond quickly to children, young people and their family’s needs.

SCIP workers and trained Parent Volunteers deliver the service.

Disabled Children's Family Worker

Disabled Children's Family Workers work with families where a child plan is in place.

They act as their key worker.

They review the child's plan and package of care on a regular basis.

They provide the family with practical and emotional support.

Early Support training

Training is offered to practitioners to familiarise them with the Early Support principles and approach. Please contact Crin Whelan for more information.

Crin Whelan, Early Support Lead:  01872 323329

Early Support resources

To make a referral to Early Support, please complete the Early Help Hub referral form.