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Safe Places

Safe Places sticker

Safe Places helps people with a learning disability and Autism if they feel worried or are at risk while they are out and about in the community. They can go to public places, like shops, cafes and job centres, which have a Safe Place sticker in their window and ask staff there for help.

People with a learning disability and Autism carry a Safe Place card. This has their emergency contact details on them, which they can show to staff in the Safe Place.

Healthy Cornwall manages the scheme, whish is part of the Safe Places National Network. Devon and Cornwall Police and Cornwall People First support scheme. 

Due to Covid 19, the opening hours of some Safe Places may be different to those advertised on the interactive map. This is because of changes to Covid rules or staff shortages. We are continuing to check the scheme and update the interactive map.

View a map of all safe places in Cornwall

If you would like a list of Safe Places for an area in Cornwall, please email us at

How to join the scheme

If you would like to register as a Safe Place, please email or call 01209 615 600. We will send you an information pack including registration form. Once we receive your completed form, we will send you a Safe Place sticker for you to display at your premises.

Safe Places cards

A yellow and green card with Safe Places logo, words I need help, and boxes to fill in details

If you would like a Safe Places card, please email or call 01209 615 600.

Safe Places app

The Safe Places app can show people their nearest Safe Place. Currently not all Cornwall's Safe Places are on the app. It is free from the App store or Google Play. 

Safe places website. For more information about the app, please visit the Safe Places National Network.

Hate crime

If you’re worried about hate crime, or would like to talk to someone about it, Stop Hate UK has a 24 hour helpline. This is available every day of the year. Call 08088 021155 and see how they can help you. 

True vision

True vision - white letters on a blue oval shaped background

You can also use the True Vision website to report hate crimes that have happened to you or someone you know.


Mate crime

Safety Net on blue background with red and yellow figures shaking handsMate crime is when people pretend to be friends, but then exploit their friend with a learning disability. 

Safety Net website


Easy read information about the scheme

Visit Healthy Cornwall’s website for easy read information about the scheme.

Healthy Cornwall website

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