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Getting around more easily at home

To maintain independence, free movement is essential. Furthermore, this permits individuals to remain comfortably at home.

We have a range of equipment designed to help you move around. This includes a range of hoists, as well as stair and through floor lifts.

Please contact a member of our staff for advice, support and recommendations. In the meantime, we have provided key areas below that you may want to consider:


Our wide range of indoor and outdoor lifts may offer continued access to all areas of your home.





Mobile Hoists

Mobile floor based hoists can improve nursing and domestic environments. In some instances, two carers are required to lift and transfer individuals. For those retaining weight-bearing capacity, a stand aid hoist would increase patient participation.

Ceiling Track Hoists

Ceiling track hoists can be an option if floor based lifts present problems. Also, hoists may need only one person to operate them.




Platform Lifts

Platforms lifts are similar in design to stair lifts, but have space for a wheelchair. This design allows safe access other levels of the home.

Through Floor Lifts

This equipment is especially suited to individuals requiring regular wheelchair use. Installation can be inside of the home and tailored to building requirements.