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Find out if you are eligible

The vast majority of affordable housing in Cornwall subject to Section 106 agreements will have certain occupancy restrictions. This means that the occupier must be able to demonstrate their eligibility to the Council's satisfaction before approval is given for the transfer of the property. 

Eligibility usually covers

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  • local connection to the area (town/parish)
  • you must be in housing need
  • you must be unable to afford to buy on the open market in the area

From 1 February 2021, the Council will be charging a non refundable Section 106 eligibility assessment fee of £150.  This fee recovers the cost of assessing whether someone is eligible to buy an affordable home.  This is in accordance with the Section 106 agreement relating to the property.  The fee will be need to be paid by the person buying the property before we authorise the purchase.  The fee is not required to be paid upfront and will be requested when solicitors are appointed. 

 The fee is published in the latest Planning Fees and Charges.