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Connected by family

Can you provide the following information?

You will need to provide evidence that:

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  • you have a close family member who has lived in the area continuously for a period of at least 5 years inmmediately prior to the house advert (normally mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter). 
  • they or you are in need of support for the foreseeable future or on an ongoing basis.

Proof you have a family member in the area who needs care or cares for you

1. Evidence to show the family member lives in the area

We will need 1 document for each of the 5 years

For example;

If the house was advertised January 2020; you could send us a council tax bill as evidence - covering January 2015, anytime 2016, anytime 2017, anytime 2018, December 2019.

or we also accept the following things: 

  • Utility bills (gas electric phone etc)
  • Bank/Building Society account/credit card statements
  • State benefit books or receipts showing rent paid
  • Payslips showing home address

2. Proof of connection to the resident

  • birth certificate

3. Evidence that the family member or your care needs

Letter from either a:
  • Social Worker
  • Doctor
  • Childcare provider
  • Advocate

4. If you your care need is for your childcare, please also provide proof of employment

  • Letter from employer
  • Wage slips

Other eligibility criteria and evidence

In addition to the local connection, purchasers will also be required to demonstrate the other eligibility requirements:

  • ID for each applicant
  • Housing need (i.e. current tenancy agreement, HomeChoice registration number, confirmation letter from friend/family if living with others)
  • Mortgage in principal covering the full amount of the home you are seeking the Council's approval to purchase
  • Full credit report for each applicant- we use this to verify your affordability for the home you are looking to purchase

Alongside your local connection documents, we also need a copy of a financial assessment.

Income and savings evidence

For us to be able to carry out a manual financial assessment, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Four most recent wage slips OR 3 years continuous accounts if self employed
  • A letter from your employer confirming your basic gross annual salary.  Your employer should also confirm whether any guaranteed overtime or bonus payments are payable.
  • Copies of bank statements for the previous three months
  • Confirmation of your entitlements to child benefits and tax credits and the amount payable.
  • Proof of your household savings
  • A copy of either your passport or the new pictured driving license certified by a professional person
  • A full credit history for each applicant, this can be obtained on line from either Experian or Equifax. (please see details below)
  • Copies of our most recent credit/store cards/ statements
  • Confirmation of any loans/HP agreements and when they will be fully repaid.
  • Any maintenance payments that you may receive/pay out

A Credit Report can be obtained online at or  If you have a Credit Report done by either of these there is usually a free 30 day trial. You will need to cancel this at anytime within your 30 day trial. Checking your own credit report will also not lower your credit score.

Once you have collated all of your evidence please complete the following form: 

Complete the affordable housing application form