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Buying an Ex-Council Right to Buy Property

If you are buying a former Council House it may have restrictions that limits who can buy the property. It will also be subject to other restrictive covenants.

This means you have to ask the Council’s permission to do or not to do certain things with the property or the land. It is important that you understand what restrictions apply to the property in case these are likely to affect your decision to buy it. The Council has introduced a new ‘Post Right to Buy Policy'.  This sets out the action it will take should there be a breach of covenant.  It also sets out the Council’s approach to varying or releasing restrictive covenants. 

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For further information view the Post Right to Buy Policy .

In certain protected rural areas former Council Houses can only be sold to somebody who has lived or worked in Cornwall for the 3 years immediately preceding their application to purchase the property. In these circumstances you will require a Certificate from Cornwall Council stating that you are eligible.

  • The Council will require evidence that at least one of the purchasers has lived or worked in Cornwall for the last 3 years immediately preceding their application to purchase.

  • The Council's charge for considering evidence, preparing and producing the Certificate is currently £350.00. Tis will need to be paid, before the Certificate is issued.

  • The Certificate will be sent to your solicitor.  They can then send this with their application to the Land Registry when the purchase is completed.

  • Council housing in the former District Council areas of Penwith, Kerrier and Restormel was transferred to Housing Associations.  This was under what are known as Housing Stock Transfers.  If you are buying a former Council property in these areas and it was sold after the Housing Stock Transfer took place you will need to contact the relevant housing Association rather than the Council.

The relevant Housing Associations are:

Applications for a Certificate are dealt with by the Council's legal department and not the Affordable Housing team.  Please email these types of requests to: