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Housing Needs Surveys and Reports

Parish Plans, Parish Surveys and Local Housing Needs Surveys

Local surveys provide valuable data on the level of housing need.

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Housing Requirement Studies provide data on housing need at a local level. Parish surveys and other housing need surveys can provide vital information about the housing need in a specific area. This helps in planning new developments. They can also help to show the need for affordable housing, and the level of community support for new development

Parish surveys can help to produce a Parish Plan, which sets out a vision for a parish.  This normally includes information on housing, traffic, crime, open space and other factors that are important to parish life. When carried out in a specific way, we can also adopt these Parish Plans as Supplementary Planning Guidance. This can help to steer future development.

The Cornwall Rural Community Council (CRCC) provides Parish Councils with advice on conducting parish surveys and producing Parish Plans. The CRCC can help secure funding. We also have a limited amount of funding ring fenced for parish surveys.

We encourage all parishes to consider conducting a parish survey.

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There are currently no live housing needs surveys.