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Providing homes to support our communities

Providing the homes that Cornwall needs

We have committed to providing homes of all tenures, throughout Cornwall, by May 2021.

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To do this, we are working closely with a range of partners and other services within the Council. This is to make sure that our developments meet the needs of particular groups within our communities; whether this be:

  • older people
  • young families
  • households with particular mobility or disability requirements

The construction sector represents nearly 9% of Cornwall’s total economy and this figure is growing, year-on-year. By investing in homes, we are supporting local businesses and tradespeople. We are also contributing to job creation for experienced construction workers and new apprenticeship opportunities.

In January 2019, Cornwall Council declared a climate emergency and as a result, is working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. How we build, heat and power our homes is central to achieving this. That is why we are super-insulating some of our homes. We are also investing in alternative energy solutions that will minimise the impact on the environment. Crucially, this will also reduce the cost of running the homes we build and provide.

By considering need and demand in specific areas, we ensure that the homes we build meet the needs of our communities.  For affordable housing this includes reference to data from Cornwall Homechoice and the local Help to Buy Agent. This means that we can provide the full range of homes needed, from 1 to 5-bedrooms, as houses, bungalows and flats.

All of the homes commissioned directly by the Council will be provided as ‘accessible housing’. Additionally, some homes will be fully wheelchair adapted.