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Council Allocation Scheme

Our allocations policy sets out who will qualify for an offer of accommodation (owned by the Council and other affordable and social homes) to which we have nominations rights. Homes are currently allocated in our current Homechoice Scheme. In January 2018 we changed how we allocate homes.

The Council has a statutory duty to set out in an Allocations Scheme the way in which social housing owned by the Council will be prioritised and let. Cornwall Allocations Scheme comprises  "Cornwall Homechoice Scheme" a common housing register/assessment framework and "Cornwall Council’s Allocations Policy".

Cornwall Homechoice is a common housing register where customers can apply for affordable homes owned and managed by the Council and its partner landlords ( known as Registered Providers). It includes a common assessment framework where all partner landlords to the scheme agree with the prioritisation of households on the Common Housing Register.

In addition to the above policies, each Registered Provider within the Cornwall Homechoice partnership has their own allocation policy, which sets out who will qualify for an offer of accommodation on property they own and to which the Council do not have a nomination right. 

In Cornwall the demand for social housing is very high. There are far more people who want a social house than there are houses available through the council and its partner Registered Providers.

New legislation from Central Government means that Local Authorities can now decide who can qualify to join the housing register and other changes. This will help Cornwall Council and Cornwall Housing Ltd to better manage the housing waiting list by making sure that the homes that are available go to those families and individuals that are in the greatest need.

On the 10th of September 2014 following a full review and formal consultation period which took place earlier in the year, a new allocations scheme was approved by Cornwall Council Cabinet. The allocations scheme is being changed to better manage the housing waiting list and ensure that homes are allocated fairly to those in greatest need, to meet the urgent needs of our communities and to meet the objectives of our Housing Strategy

The changes agreed are detailed below and are available in a “summary of changes” document. The changes apply to:

The changes to the allocations scheme were implemented in 2018. Regular updates on when the changes will come into effect will be available both on this page and Cornwall Homechoice.

Applying to the register

  • Applicants who have assets valued at over £50,000, or those who have an income of £60,000 or more will not qualify to join Cornwall Homechoice.
  • Other than in exceptional circumstances, a household where anyone has demonstrated anti-social behaviour within the last 2 years will not be able to join the register.
  • Low level Welfare need will no longer be banded
  • Banding will only be given for Urgent and high level cases of disrepair
  • Applicants who are owed a statutory homeless duty by the Council will be Band ‘C’ rather than Band ‘B’
  • Meeting two banding criteria will no longer result in moving to the band above e.g. Two Band C criteria will no longer equal a Band ‘B’

Applying for properties

  • To be allocated a council home or a home managed by one of our partner registered providers to which the Council has nomination rights, applicants must be able to demonstrate a 3 year local connection.
  • For homes owned and managed by the Council, preference will be given to an applicant whose household income is £30,000 or less.
  • Applicants can bid for one property per bidding cycle (usually a week).
  • Applicants who do not bid on any property for 12 months will be removed from the register.
  • Refusals - Applicants who turn down 2 suitable and reasonable properties that are offered to them are removed from the register and cannot reapply for a period of 12 months.

You can download the summary of changes information sheet and frequently asked questions.

You can download the current Cornwall Homechoice Scheme and appendices. Please note that Appendix 1 and 4 have been archived.

If you have any queries please contact Cornwall Homechoice:
Cornwall Housing Ltd, Chy Trevail, Beacon Technology Park, Bodmin, Cornwall. PL31 2FR