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Policies and Strategies

The three documents below direct the work of Private Sector Housing and provide an overview of the legislation which relates to the work we do.

Private Rented Sector Strategy (PRS) Strategy 2018-23

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Overview - By building knowledge of the underlying issues in the sector we will be better placed to create new initiatives that will have the greatest impact in improving the quality of the PRS.  The strategy embraces the additional powers made available by the Housing & Planning Act 2016 and focuses on the key areas where it is believed meaningful improvements, at scale, can be achieved.

The strategy can be viewed via the following link: Private Rented Sector Strategy (PRS) Strategy 2018-23.

Overview - In support of the PRS Strategy and in order to fully embrace the powers created by the Housing & Planning Act 2016 the PSH enforcement policy has been redrafted. The new policy has four areas where significant change has occurred:

  • The decision to prosecute or use civil penalties – The Council now has the choice to use either and it is important the decision making process is clear to all.
  • The setting of a civil penalties charging structure – Available guidance has been used to create a straight forward charging structure that compliments the operation of the PSH team.
  • Fees and charges - A review identified that the current fee structure for our mandatory HMO licensing Scheme did not represent the true cost of delivering this service. The fee structure has been revised taking into account relevant guidance and it is proposed that applicants are charged what it costs to deliver the service.
  • Revision of the HMO Amenity standard (a standard used as part of the mandatory HMO licensing Scheme).

The ratified document can be viewed via the following link: Private Sector Housing (PSH) Enforcement Policy.

Overview - The Empty Homes Plan is an interim action plan pending incorporation into a proposed new housing strategy. The Plan was approved by the Economic Growth and Development Directorate Leadership Team on 03 July 2019.

Empty homes are a wasted resource. They can be an eyesore or cause other problems. Bringing them back into use is therefore a Council priority. This will be achieved primarily through advice and assistance to owners. Also, if necessary appropriate enforcement action.  

The Empty Homes Plan can be viewed via the following link: Empty Homes Plan 2018 - 2022.