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Pensions Committee

Role of the Pensions Committee

Cornwall Council has set up a Pensions Committee to

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  • exercise its functions as the Administering Authority for the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Under the Local Authority (Functions and Responsibilities) (England) Regulations 2000:

  • the responsibility for the Local Government Pension Scheme lies with the full Council. They have delegated responsibility to the Pensions Committee.

The responsibilities of the Committee includes 

  • the Fund’s investment strategy
  • the Statement of Investment Principle
  • acceptance of the triennial valuation report produced by the Fund Actuary
  • appointment of AVC providers
  • the appointment of investment managers, consultants and the custodian.

Other responsibilities include the approval of the:

The Pension Committee is made up of:

  • Councillors
  • Employee representatives
  • Employer representatives

each having one vote.

The membership of the Committee from November 2020 is as follows:


  • Cllr John Fitter
  • Cllr David Harris
  • Cllr John Herd
  • Cllr Derek Holley (Chair)
  • Cllr Sue James
  • Cllr Joanna Kenny
  • Cllr Jayne Kirkham
  • Cllr Pete Mitchell (Vice Chair)
  • Cllr Oliver Monk
  • Cllr John Wood

Employee Representatives

  • Mr N Olgard
  • Mr A Stott

Employer Representatives

  • Vacant
  • Mr C Wilson

See below for the:

More information including the agendas and minutes of the Pension Committee are in: