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How much will I pay?

How much you pay depends on your salary

As a member of the scheme, you will pay a percentage of your actual pensionable pay.

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Pensionable pay usually consists of your basic pay, all overtime, and regular bonuses.

Please see the table below to find out your contribution rate:

BandActual pensionable payMain section contribution rate50/50 section contribution rate 
1 Up to £14,600 5.5%  2.75%
2 £14,601 to £22,800 5.8%  2.90%
3 £22,801 to £37,100 6.5%  3.25%
4 £37,101 to £46,900 6.8%  3.40%
5 £46,901 to £65,600 8.5%  4.25%
6 £65,601 to £93,000 9.9%  4.95%
7 £93,001 to £109,500 10.5%  5.25%
8 £109,501 to £164,200 11.4%  5.70%
9 £164,201 or more 12.5%  6.25%

For more information on the 50/50 section, please visit our contribution flexibility webpage. You can elect for this 50/50 section option at any time, pay half your normal contributions and build up half your normal pension.

The above bands are as at April 2020 and these will increase each April in line with the rise in the consumer prices index.

If you are a tax payer, you will attract tax relief on your contributions.

For an example on how much pension contributions an employee will pay, please view the LGPS 2014 website or cost to employees. 

It is possible to pay extra to increase your benefits, for more information please view can I increase my benefits?

Our Jargon Buster may help with pensions terminology.